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Sports Primo is a community sports network streaming company. We are the Northern New Mexico NFHS Network Affiliate. We stream high school sports ranging from the Santa Fe metro area  up to Espanola. Our main goal is to positively promote the student athletes of Northern New Mexico.

My senior year at Santa Fe High when Iva
Joe Abeyta
Amado Abeyta
Aaron Abeyta

Grew up in the city of Santa Fe. He served in the United States Navy and graduated from San Diego State University where he received a BS in Television Film and New Media. He interned for the for the San Diego Chargers and San Diego Padres. He currently works for the City of Santa Fe and the NFHS Network Arizona. 

Grew up in the city of Santa Fe. He is a singer and songwriter and founding member of the band Sol Fire. He has coached elementary and middle school basketball for the last 20 years in our community.

Grew up in the city of Santa Fe. He has taught middle school New Mexico History for the last 17 years at Capshaw Middle School and Milagro Middle. He has coached basketball at both schools for the last 15 years.

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